REM lab machines - 2 way communication

Hello again everyone,

This time I have a question,

How many of you guys use or would consider using REM in house lab machines if they had 2 way communication with OpenVPMS? 

To be more specific, this development would allow us to generate an in house investigation and have the patient details appear in a queue on the machine. Once the tests were run, a copy of them would be automatically attached to the investigation in the patient record. They are using a small computer that sits in between the machines and OpenVPMS they have called a Fuse. They are selling the Fuse for more then four figures.

This development would allow OpenVPMS to talk this Fuse machine.

I'll start out by saying Boronia Vet Clinic want this and we are going to pay to have the code developed for us all. So no spruiking for dollars. But what we are interested in is how many users this will help and who would look at this option for their clinic.

I am not going to link REM in the forums. It's just too close to promotion for mine. Feel free to google their machines though. We use them becuase of their cost of consumables. 

Thanks everyone




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