This screen allows you to create, edit and view Users. See also Concepts|Users for background information.

The fields are as follows:
Login Name - the name with which the user logs in. Note that you can set this to have upper and lower case letters (eg Doris). The user will be able to login with doris, Doris, DORIS, or even doRis. The upper case version of the login name must be unique, ie you cannot have one user named Doris and another named DORIS.
Password and Confirm Password - the user's password
Full Name - the name that will be used within the system - ie that shown in the Clinician pull-downs, and the name used to send messages. As shown in the above, this need not be a full name, and it is faster to select the clinician if the name is short or has a unique first letter.
Description - if you use short names then this should be the person's full name, else if can be any useful text. Note that if you do use short names (with the full name in the description) then you will need to modify reports and documents that display the 'Full Name' field to instead display the Description field.
Colour - used to set the colour used for the user when highlighting them on the Scheduling and Work Lists windows.  It is not necessary to set the colour for anyone who is not a clinician. You use the mouse to select the colour via the colour and luminosity/hue boxes. If you want to check the colours of the different users, the easiest way to do this is to view the user and then to use the Next and Previous buttons to run back and forth through the different user.
Note that you should avoid the 'light cream' colour f2f3b3 which displays as follows:
because this is used to highlight the selected item on the Workflow|Scheduling and Work Lists screens.
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the user

Roles tab - this is used to display, add, delete and edit the Roles for the user

Groups tab - this is used to display, add, delete and edit the User Groups the user belongs to

Category tab - this is used to display, add, delete and edit the User Types for the user. Set Administrator for all users who need to access the Administration menu and other administrative functions (Customer Accounts Check and Merge, Patient Merge, and Product maintenance [Edit, Delete, Copy, Export & Import]). Set Clinician for any user who needs to be selectable in the Clinician pull-downs. You can set multiple categories, ie both Clinician and Administrator.

Location tab - this is used to display, add, delete and edit the Practice Locations for the user. You specify Practice Locations in order to limit the Locations that the user can select at the top right of the screen.  If you do not specify any, then the user can select any Location. You should set the default flag on the user's default Location- this will then be the selected Location when the user logs in.

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