The Product Information screen is shown below. Note that this is a product selection screen - it displays limited information about the product(s) found by the selection - detailed information is displayed when you view or edit the product. When first used, it will be empty. The picture below shows it after a selection has been done.

This works as a standard select screen.  The Type field allows you to select the type of product.

The column headings require no explanation except to note that:
Description - will be the same as Name except for Template products (where it will be blank)
Prices - are shown as 'tax included' - see Concepts|Pricing

The standard buttons have their standard meanings. In addition,
Copy lets you create a new product by cloning it from the selected one. Note that EVERYTHING is copied - including any current stock holdings. Hence after the copied product is created, you will need to edit it to zero the stock quanties and make any other required adjustments.
Export initiates the Price Export process by displaying the Export Prices window. See also Concepts|Pricing Updates.
Import initiates the Price Import process by displaying an upload window to let you select the file to be imported.

Note that the Edit, Delete, Copy, Export & Import buttons will not be present unless the user's categories include 'Administrator'. See also Concepts|Users.

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