Create/Edit/View Product Template

This is the create/edit/view screen for product Templates. These are used to group a number of products together so that time is saved when generating invoices.  


The fields are as follows:
Id - the ID of the template
Name - its name
Description - used to clarify the name if necessary
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the product
Invoice Note - if present, this is added to the invoice note of the invoice. Note that it is added to any pre-existing text and does not replace it.
Visit Note - if present, this is added to the medical record as a note. You must using the visit-charge editor (i.e. the integrated editor that is displayed during Check-In and Consult), for this to work.  If you simply use the Customer|Charges screen to create an invoice, then no visit note will be added to the patient's medical records.

See Tabs for a description of the fields in the various tabs.

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