Edit Delivery

This screen is used to create and edit deliveries.

The fields in the header are as follows:
Supplier Invoice Id - the identifier for the invoice, assigned by the supplier
Supplier - the supplier
Stock Location - the stock location
Date - the date of the delivery
Amount - the sum of the line item amounts
Tax - the total tax included in the Amount
Printed - this box will be checked when the delivery note has been printed
Notes - any pertinant notes
Status - this initially set to In Progress, but can also be set to Cancelled or Posted

The Items tab shows the items being delivered, and the details for the selected line. These are as follows:
Supplier Invoice Line item Id -the identifier for the invoice line item, assigned by the supplier
Product - the product - this is our name for the product
Reorder Code & Description - the supplier's identification of the item
Package Size & Units - the package details
Quantity - the quantity being delivered - this defaults to the quantity ordered, but you can see in the above that we have said that only 3 of the 6 ordered have been delivered
Nett Price - the tax-excluded price from the supplier
List Price - the supplier's list price
Tax - the title tax for the line item
Total - the total tax-included amount for the line item

If you modify any of the supplier information fields (eg Reorder Code & Description, Package Size & Units, Nett & List prices), then when the delivery is finalised, this information will be updated in the product's supplier information.

If the Auto Price Update flag is set (see here), then the product's Cost and Sell prices will also be updated if you modified the Package Size and/or List price.

Note that if this delivery item is linked to an order item, then you will not be able to modify the Product (even though it is an editable field). That is, if you ordered a X but they delivered a Y, then you cannot change X to Y in the delivery line item - you have to delete the X delivery item and add a new delivery item for Y. [You will also have to edit the order to cancel the X's otherwise they will be oustanding on the order.

If you do add a delivery item, make sure that you press Enter after entering the Product name - this will call in all the supplier information so that you can check it and update if required.

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