Generate Orders

This window is displayed when you press the Generate Orders button on the Suppliers|Orders screen.

The fields are as follows:
Stock Location - use the pull-down to select the required stock location or choose All to process all stock locations
Supplier - use the pull-down to select the supplier, or choose All to select all suppliers
Generate orders for stock:
 - below ideal levels - this is the default,only items whose stock is below their idea level are processed
 - at or below critical levels - choose this to only process items whose stock is at or below their critical level

The buttons are:
OK - generate the orders - after the orders are generated a window will appear saying home many orders were generated
Cancel - abort

Note that the ordering algorithm is fairly simple:

  • only the default supplier set for the product is considered - thus if product X is out of stock, and the supplier selected on the Generate Orders screen is NOT the default supplier for the product (but is one the other suppliers listed for the product) then the item will NOT be ordered.
  • there is no fancy calculation involving usage rates and lead times
  • if the current stock quantity is negative, then it is assumed that there is zero stock (and not say -6 of them)
  • existing orders are scanned for any that are for the product for the selected stock location from any supplier and that have order status other than Cancelled, and delivery status other than Full, and the number on-order is calculated as ordered less received less cancelled since this gives the number still to come
  • the quantity ordered is (ideal-level - current-stock - on-order)
  • the supplier's package size is taken into account - ie if 14 are required, and the package size is a box of 12, then 2 boxes (ie 24 units) will be ordered

Multiple products are included on the one order, and there will be separate orders for each supplier/stock location.

Note that the orders are simply generated. You can edit them before finalising the order.

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