Patients and Customers - Adding

The fastest way to add a new customer and their patient(s) is to do as follows:

1. On Customers|Information screen, click New then fill in the name etc, and then press the Add button on the Patient tab, and then the binoculars after the Patient name slot - ie as follows:


Having pressed the Patient binoculars, you will get:

Press the New button, and fill in the patient details so it looks like the following (note the use of the relative date facility to quickly set the Date of Birth and hence Age):


And then press the OK button, which will bring you back to the new customer screen as follows:

If you want you can set the ownership date to the real ownership start date (ie ask Mr Smith when he acquired Rover) but it’s not necessary.

If there are more patients, press Apply to save what you have entered, and then click the Patient Add button to add the next patient.

Having added the patients, you can now click the Contacts tab so that you can add Mr Smith’s contact details.

Finally, press the OK button and you have a new customer with their patient(s).


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