In OpenVPMS the term 'supplier' includes all the entities that supply things:

  • Supplier Organisations - ie companies that you purchase from
  • Supplier Personnel - ie the representatives & sales staff within the above companies
  • Veterinary Practices - ie the other practices that you use to refer patients to or purchase services from
  • Veterinarians - ie the vet staff within the above practices
  • Manufacturers - the manufacturer recorded against Product Batches

Note that the use of this split into organisations and staff is not mandatory, and you could just use Supplier Personnel and Veterinarians.  However, since staff change, it is probably best to set up the Supplier Organisations and Practices, and then add the appropriate staff entries.

On the accounting side, the supplier transaction set is not nearly as rich as the customer transaction set. Specifically there are no initial balance or adjustment transactions, nor a Check Balance facility.  As indicated elsewhere, OpenVPMS does not attempt to provide a complete accounting system for the business. Hence on the supplier side, it provides just enough to handle orders and deliveries.

If you are setting up the system and do want to bring in the current balances for your existing supplier accounts, then the work around would be to create a product say zz-prior-supplies with Printed Name say 'Prior Supplies' and create supplier invoices or credits using this product. Then deactive the product so that it will not be available for normal use.

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