This screen displays the documents for the current customer - or if there is no current customer, a Select button allowing you to select a customer.

This screen shows the details of the customer's documents. As you can see below, there are three different types: Attachments, Letters  and Forms. The first two support 'versions', ie previous revisions of the document. See Concepts|Documents for background.

The top half of this screen functions like a standard select screen. As well as by date, you can select by:
Type - this can be set to All (ie all document types), or Attachment, Form or Letter
Status - this can be set to All, In Progress, Completed, or Finalised

The table shows the documents that match the selection criteria. The column headings are self explanatory. Clicking on the entry in the Document column will cause the document to be downloaded and displayed.  Note that for Letters the Document column shows two icons like . If you click on the right-hand one, the pdf file containing the letter will be downloaded and displayed. If you click on the left-hand one (or the name of the document) then the word processing document will be downloaded and you can open it in your word processor and save it and then edit it. (You need to save it as it is opened read-only.) After editing the file, you can then use the Edit button to edit the letter and upload the revised file.

The bottom part of the screen shows the details of the selected document.

The buttons are:
New - create a new documment - a window will open allowing you to select the type
Edit - edit the selected document record (not the document itself - though see above). If the document has status Finalised you will not be able to edit the record.
Delete - delete the selected document - a confirmation window will be displayed. If the document has status Finalised you will not be able to delete it.
Print - print the selected document (or preview it or email it)
Refresh - this button only appears when you have a non-finalised letter selected. Pressing it will (if the letter was generated from a template) refresh the letter by regenerating it from the template. This is useful if you have modified the template. A confirm window will be displayed.

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