Smart Flow Sheet integration

OpenVPMS can connect to Smart Flow Sheet to:

  • create Flow Sheets for patients
  • import Medical Record, Inventory, Tech Notes and Flow Sheets reports, and add them to a patient's history

To use Smart Flow Sheet:

  1. Configure the Smart Flow Sheet Clinic API Key
  2. Configure work lists to create Flow Sheets (optional)

See Troubleshooting to diagnose Smart Flow Sheet related errors.

Configuring the Smart Flow Clinic API Key

Smart Flow Sheet needs to be enabled for each Practice Location where it will be used. This is done by

  1. Editing the Practice Location
  2. Copying the API KEY displayed on the EMR Integration Settings page to the Smart Flow Sheet Clinic API Key

You will need to log out after making this change for it to take effect.

Once enabled:

  • a New Flow Sheet button will be displayed in Workflow - Scheduling and Workflow - Work Lists. This can be used to create a Flow Sheet for the patient associated with an appointment or task
  • an Import Flow Sheet Reports button will be displayed in Patients - Medical Records - Summary. This imports reports from Smart Flow Sheet for the selected patient Visit.
  • an option will be displayed to import flow sheet reports during Check Out

Configuring Work Lists to create Flow Sheets


Work Lists have a Create Flow Sheet option. When ticked, this will create a new Flow Sheet for a patient when the patient is:

  • added to the Work List during Check In
  • transferred to the Work List

Flow Sheets are linked to the patient Visit, so no new Flow Sheet will be created if one already exists for the Visit.


  • SFS-0103: Failed to connect to Smart Flow Sheet. Check that the Smart Flow Sheet Clinic API Key is correct.

Check that the Smart Flow Sheet Clinic API Key matches that provided by Smart Flow Sheet.

  • Production/Test systems
    If you have both a production and test installation of OpenVPMS, you should either:
    • disable Smart Flow Sheet integration in the test system; or

    • discharge any patients that have had flow sheets created by the test system, before using it for production

This is because Smart Flow Sheet hospitalisations are linked to OpenVPMS by the patient's Visit identifier, and you cannot have two flow sheets for the same Visit identifier.

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