Create/Edit Reminder

This screen is used to create and edit reminders. Normally reminders are created automatically by the system (ie as a result of invoicing an annual vaccination, the system will create the reminder for the next one), but they can also be created manually using this screen.
Similarly, they are normally processed automatically by the Reporting - Reminders processing. However, in some circumstances you may want to cancel them or change their due date manually.

The fields are as follows:

Reminder Type - the Type of the reminder
Due Date - the date when the reminder is due
Next Reminder - the date when the reminder is next due to be sent. This is calculated as the Due Date plus the Interval for the current reminder count.
Status - this can be In Progress (i.e. active), Completed (i.e. the associated event, eg the vaccination, has occurred), or Cancelled. Normally the system will adjust the state to Completed (when the event occurs) or Cancelled (when the reminder becomes too old), but you can also change the state using this screen.
Reminders Sent - displays the number of reminder notifications generated. Note that if the same reminder was sent by say both email and SMS, this only counts as 1, not 2 reminders sent, as we sent the same reminder by two methods. However, the items display will show both of these, and they will have the same reminder count.
Last Sent - the date on when the reminder was last sent
Completed - the date on which the reminder was completed. Note that if the reminder is cancelled by the system, the date on which this happened is not shown here, is this is a Completed date, not a Cancelled or Completed date.
Product - the associated product
Clinician - the associated clinician


The items tab shows the times and methods by which a reminder has or will be sent.

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