Invoice Orders and Returns

The Invoice Orders and Returns window allows orders and returns to be selected for invoicing.


The table displays the customer orders and returns, and their corresponding line items. The columns are as follows:

Tick If selected, indicates to invoice the order/return
Type The type of the order/return
Status The order/return status
Date The date that the order/return was created
Clinician The clinician responsible for the order/return, if any
Patient The order/return patient
Product The order/return product
Quantity The order/return quantity
Invoice Quantity The quantity of the original invoice item, if the order/return is related to an existing invoice.



The following actions may be performed:

OK Invoices all rows selected with a tick.
Edit Edits the selected order or return. Double clicking a row also edits it.
Cancel Closes the window without invoicing any orders or returns.


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