Use Gmail to send mail

If you have a Gmail account, you can use Gmail's SMTP server to send out mail from OpenVPMS.  Setting up things this way is particularly useful if you are using your Gmail address as the From address in OpenVPMS - because some mail systems (Gmail in particular) check the From address against the SMTP server used to transmit the email and will generate warnings to the recipient if the SMTP server used does not match the from address.

To use your Gmail account as an SMTP server, you need to set up a Mail Server record (via Administration|Organisation) as follows:

The Name, Description, Username, and Password should be set to suit your setup.

You will then need to set this Mail Server in the Practice and/or Practice Location records as required.

Note that one idiosyncrasy of the Gmail SMTP server is that if the From address in the email differs from that being used then the From address will be updated to reflect the name of the account used to send the email.

Hence if the From address is set to "XYZ Vets Inc<xyzvets[at]gmail[dot]com>", and the above Mail Server is used, then the From address will be changed to "XYZ Vets Inc<dg12345[at]gmail[dot]com>".  Thus, in the above case, it would be better to use the xyzvets[at]gmail[dot]com account in the Mail Server record.

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