This is the screen used to manage messages. For background, see also Concepts|Messages.

The screen is in two halves, the top is a standard select screen, the bottom displays the selected message, and then there are buttons to create, process and print the messages.

In the top half:
Type - selects the type of message (All, System, or User)
Status - selects the message status (Completed, Pending or Read). Newly received messages will be Pending until read by the To addressee, then Read, and then (when the Completed button is pressed), Completed.
Dates - normally you can leave the All box checked, otherwise uncheck it and enter the required from and to dates
User - by default this will be set to your user name, but you can enter any name in order to see the messages to that user.  Note that you cannot enter a user-group name.

The column headings are as follows:
Date - shows the date and time, or if it's today then just the time
Description - the message subject
From - the user who sent the message
Reason - the message reason
Status - its status. This will be Pending, Read (ie read by the To addressee), or Completed.
Item - this field will be blank for User messages, but may contain information for System messages

In the bottom half the fields are self-explanatory, except for the following:
From & To - note that these user names are links, and clicking on them will redisplay the screen with the User set to the name you clicked. Hence you can quickly switch to see the messages for the from or to person.
Customer & Patient - similarly, these are links to take you to the customer or patient workspace

Buttons - these are as follows: (only New will be visible if no message is selected)
New - create a new message.
Reply - reply to the message.
Forward - forward the message.
Delete - delete the message.
Complete - change the message status to Completed.
Print - print the message.
Mail - email the message.

Note that you can forward and reply to completed messages - the resulting message will be 'Pending'.


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