The Mappings screen supports viewing and editing HL7 mappings.

These determine how HL7 messages are populated, and the messages that are sent.


The buttons are as follows:

New create a new HL7 Mapping
Edit edit the selected HL7 Mapping
Delete delete the selected HL7 Mapping - a confirmation window will appear
Export Lookup Mapping export mappings between lookups
Import Lookup Mapping import mappings between lookups

Creating a Mapping

The New button is used to create a new HL7 Mapping:

The Cubex HL7 Mapping and IDEXX HL7 Mapping are pre-configured mappings for the Cubex pharmacy service and IDEXX laboratory service, respectively.

The HL7 Mapping is a generic mapping.

Select OK to create the selected mapping.

Lookup Mappings

Some HL7 applications require OpenVPMS lookups to be mapped to their format. This is supported by creating a relationship between the OpenVPMS lookup and the application specific version.

From OpenVPMS 1.9, mapping of Species is supported. For convenience, these mappings can be exported to CSV (comma-separated values), edited in a spreadsheet, and then re-imported.

Exporting Mappings

The Export Lookup Mapping button is used to export mappings to CSV. This displays a popup window:

Clicking OK generates a CSV containing the current mapping between the selected lookup archetypes.

If no mapping has been established, the file will look like:

Map From Type Map From Code Map From Name Map To Type Map To Code Map To Name
lookup.species AVIAN Avian lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species BOVINE Bovine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species CAMELID Camelid lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species CANINE Canine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species CAPRINE Caprine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species CAVIES Cavies lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species CERVIDAE Cervidae lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species EQUINE Equine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species FELINE Feline lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species LAPINE Lapine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species MURINE Murine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species OTHER Other lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species OVINE Ovine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species PISCINE Piscine lookup.speciesIDEXX    
lookup.species PORCINE Porcine lookup.speciesIDEXX    

Each column with blanks needs to be filled out. If no mapping exists, the row should be deleted.

Importing Mappings

The Import Lookup Mapping button is used to import mappings from CSV. This displays a popup window to upload the CSV file:

Click Browse to select the CSV file.

Click Send to upload the file and import it.

A message will be displayed if the file was imported successfully.

Lookup Mapping Import Errors

If errors were detected in the import, a summary will be displayed:

Correct these, and re-import until no errors are reported.

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