Laboratory Tests describe a test that may be ordered via laboratory.

The fields are as follows:

  • Name
the name of Laboratory Test
  • Description
an optional description of the test
  • Code
a unique code for the test, issued by a Laboratory
  • Active
uncheck the box to deactivate the Laboratory Test
  • Turnaround
optional text describing the turnaround for the text
  • Investigation Type
the Investigation Type that determines how the test will be performed i.e. which Laboratory provides the test, and which Laboratory Devices can be used to perform it
  • Group
determines if the Laboratory Test can be grouped with other tests on the same Investigation.
  • Use Device
determines if a Laboratory Device must be specified when performing the test
  • Specimen
optional text describing the specimen collection requirements


If the Laboratory Test was created by a Laboratory, all fields will be read-only, with the exception of the Active field.


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