The Plugins screen displays the status of the plugin support in OpenVPMS.

Plugin support is initially disabled. To enable it, click Configure and enter the path to the plugins directory. For a standard OpenVPMS installation, this is the plugins directory located in the OpenVPMS installation directory.

Each row in the table displays the plugin:

  • identifier
  • name
  • version
  • status

The buttons are as follows:

Start Start the selected plugin.
Stop Stop the selected plugin.
Install Plugin

Install a plugin.
This must be is a .jar file that follows OSGi packaging conventions.
NOTE: Only install plugins from sources that you trust, as they have full access to your OpenVPMS data.

Refresh Refresh the display.
Configure Configure plugin support.


Updating Plugins

There is currently no user interface support to directly update plugins.

To update a plugin:

  1. remove the existing version from the plugins/deploy/ directory
  2. restart Tomcat
  3. install the new version using Install Plugin

Failure to correctly remove the existing version of the plugin may result in multiple versions being installed, with unpredictable results.

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