Discount Group

This screen allows you to create/view/edit the Discount Groups. These are used to group together Discounts so that multiple discounts can be more easily set for a customer or patient. See also Concepts|Discounts.

The fields are as follows:
Name - the name of the discount group
Description - a description that serves to clarify the name
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the discount group

Discounts Tab - used to add and delete the discount types in the group. Its fields are:
Discount - enter the name of the Discount or use the binoculars to display a list to select from
From and To Dates - these define the inclusive dates between which the discount applies. The From date is mandatory, the To date can be left unspecified and in this case means 'forever'.

Note that you cannot add the same discount type more than once, ie the group can only contain one of each discount type.

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