The Export Stock window is used to export OpenVPMS stock quantities to a CSV (comma separated values) file.

The exported data can be manipulated in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, and imported using the Import button.



Stock can be selected for export using the following criteria:

  • Type - one of Medication, Merchandise or All
  • Search - enables the products to be queried by name or identity
  • Search Identities - if selected, products are queried by identity
  • Include Deactivated - if selected, inactive products are included in the search
  • Product Type - the type of the product. E.g "Desexing", "Euthanasia".
  • Stock Location - the stock location to export stock for. Defaults to that for the current Practice Location
  • Income Type - queries products by income type. E.g. "Medication", "Professional"
  • Product Group - queries products by product group. E.g "Fees", "Grooming"
  • Zero negative quantities - if selected, any stock that has a negative quantity will have its New Quantity set to zero.

Export File Format

The exported data is a comma-separated-values file, containing the following columns:

Column Required Type Description
Stock Location Id Yes Integer The stock location identifier.
Stock Location Name Yes String The stock location name.
Product Id Yes Integer The product identifier.
Product Name Yes String The product name.
Selling Units No String The product selling units.
Quantity Yes Decimal The current stock quantity
New Quantity Yes Decimal

The new stock quantity. This will be the same as Quantity, unless the Quantity is negative and Zero negative quantities is selected. In this case, New Quantity will be 0.



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