IDEXX HL7 Mapping

This is the screen used to create and edit HL7 mappings for the IDEXX HL7 laboratory service.

The IDEXX mapping is pre-configured, with most fields read-only. The editable fields are:

Name The mapping name.
Description The mapping description.
Active Determines if the mapping is active.
Send Admit/Discharge/Transfer Determines if HL7 ADT (Admit/Discharge/Transfer) messages should be sent. These are not required to submit orders to IDEXX, but update the Census List when patients are checked in and out.

Note that a mapping between the OpenVPMS lookup.species and IDEXX lookup.speciesIDEXX will need to be established in order for species codes to be sent correctly. This can be done via Administration - Lookups, or using the Lookup Mappings support



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