Deposit Accounts

This screen is used to create/edit/view the details of the bank accounts in which takings are deposited via the Reporting|Till Balancing|Deposit processing.  Most of the fields are used to provide the information to print on the Bank Deposit document obtained using Reporting|Till Balancing|Print.

The fields are as follows:
Name - the name of the Deposit Account
Account Name - the name in which the account is held
Bank - select the bank from those available in the pull-down - see Lookups|Bank
Branch - the name of the branch
Account Number - the account number
Last Deposit - the date on which the last deposit was made (this is updated by the system when the Till Balancing|Deposit processing is done)
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the account

Locations Tab - used to set the Practice Locations for which this Deposit Account is available. Note that multiple locations can be set, but not repeated - ie an error will occur if you attempt to add one location twice

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