Microsoft Outlook OAuth2 configuration

The following instructions can be used to configure a Mail Server that connects to Microsoft Outlook using OAuth2.
These instructions apply to the Email Document Loader Job as well, although the ports will be different.

1. In Administration - Organisation, create or edit a Mail Server

Enter the following details:

Name Microsoft Outlook
Description Account settings for Microsoft Outlook
Port 587
Timeout 120
Connection Security STARTTLS
Authentication Method  OAuth2  - Outlook

2. Click Authorise

The first time this is done, a New OAuth2 Client Registration window will be displayed.
This prompts for the following details:

  • Tenant Id
  • Client Id
  • Client Secret

These are obtained in the following steps. Note the Redirect URI.

3. Log in to

Select Manage Azure Active Directory


4. Click App Registrations

5. Click New Registration

This displays a Register an application page.


6. Click Register

This displays an Overview page.

The Application (client) ID is copied into the Client Id field in step 3
The Directory (tenant) ID is copied into the Tenant Id field 3


7. Click Certificates & secrets