There are a number of template changes that effect general printing and the behaviour of printing.

Print Copies

Wherever you see an interactive print dialog in OpenVPMS you will now notice a Copies selector.

You can set the default copies for any specific template in the Administration -> templates workspace using the new Copies field.

If the Template Printer is setup to be interactive you will get a chance to modify this at the time of printing.  If not then this will be the number of copies that will be printed automatically.

Preferred Print Mode

A new template option now allows you to control how printing certain templates behave during checkout and also  when documents are created during invoicing certain products.


The new Preferred Print Mode field allows control over whether documents are printed immedaitely when created during charging, are printed at check-out or only printed manually.

The following outlines the behaviour of the three options.   

Immediate. The document will be printed immedaitely when invoice is saved. If the template is set to interactive then it will prompt with the standard printer dialog which you can Skip if required. If you Skip  the document will then be presented at check-out.

Checkout. The document will be presented at Check-out using the standard check-out printing dialog and will be automatically ticked. This is the default settings as this is the behaviour for all previous releases.

Manual. The document will not be printed immediately and will be presented at Check-out by unticked.  Typcailly for forms that the user wishes to manually print or only occassionally print at check-out.


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The phrase "if the template is set to interactive" puzzled me because I could not see an interactive checkbox on the template form. This flag is in fact set against the printer and its not displayed in view mode - you have to edit the template and then click on the printer to get the flag displayed. It make sense to set it against the printer because there will be cases where paper needs to be changed or other things done before printing the document.
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