Upgrading to OpenVPMS version 1.6

Upgrading to v1.6 from v1.5.1

  1. Download the OpenVPMS installation files from here. Unzip the installation pack onto your OpenVPMS server: this should create an openvpms-release-1.6 folder.
  2. Back up your OpenVPMS database.
  3. Stop Tomcat:
    1. Right-click on Computer;
    2. Click Manage;
    3. Click Services and Applications | Services;
    4. Click on Apache Tomcat n.n;
    5. Click on Stop.


  4. Copy connector.jar from c:\openvpms-release-1.5.1\lib

    This file should already be in your Program Files\Tomcat n.n\shared\lib\ folder (Tomcat v5 or lower) or Program Files\Tomcat 6.0+\lib\ folder (Tomcat v6 or higher).

  5. Browse to bin folder and open command prompt (Ctrl-Shift-Right Click):
    Run archload. Nothing is visible on the screen, but you'll notice lots of disk activity. After a minute or so, the prompt re-appears when the batch file has completed. Close window.


  6. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat n.n\webapps.
    Select and delete both the openvpms folder and the the openvpms.war file.


  7. Copy .war file from c:\openvpms-release-1.6\webapps
    C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat n.n\webapps:


  8. Close everything. Restart Tomcat. Start OpenVPMS: there will be a delay the first time you start OpenVPMS as Tomcat rebuilds its webapps openvpms folder; then it all works perfectly!


  9. Click on the subscribe link to email OpenVPMS for your subscription registration key (use this link either to subscribe, or, if you already have a subscription, to obtain your key).

    When you receive your registration key,download it to your hard drive.
    Click on Administration | Organisation | Practice (1,2,3).
    Click on Subscription (4) then Upload (5).
    Browse to your saved subscription key (6) and Send it to OpenVPMS (7).


  10. Your details are now embedded into OpenVPMS. Click OK to close this window.


  11. You will see your subscription status whenever you log onto OpenVPMS.....

    .....or whenever you click on Help.

Created 15 Aug 2012, updated 07 Jan 2013

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