How to change the password at Login



I have just been given the job of looking after our OpenVPMS program.  

The person who use to do all the work and knows how everything works, has now left.  I am flying blind as I can only do the basic's on this system.

Due to this person leaving I have been asked by management to change the password on our systems.  I can't find anywhere to change this, can someone please point in the right direction.

I do have access to administration.


Thanks in advance


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Re: How to change the password at Login


read that page 


and that one


If your employers are worried re ex staff and passwords then entire computer system should have a checkup by an IT professional as actual operating system passwords may need changing as well.



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Re: How to change the password at Login

Thank you so much for that.  

All done.

Yes, I am working on the entire computer system.




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