Online API for Tasks (Worklists)

Hey guys,

I was wondering given the work that has been done on the Schedules API, if the same functionality for CRUD actions could be exposed for Worklists?

We have a poormans version of Smartflow which creates and adjust tasks but it suffers from not updating OpenVPMS caches. I understand that Smartflow must be able to do this already but we operate in rails not java, hence the need for an api layer.



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Re: Online API for Tasks (Worklists)

I think you mean the booking API, which is used to create appointments in OpenVPMS. It isn't used by SmartFlow Sheet. It only provides operations to create and cancel appointments.

I imagine a task API would require operations to:

  • retrieve practice locations
  • retrieve work lists by location
    Work lists can be associated with any number of locations, so this would be done by collecting all work lists by view, and filtering duplicates
  • retrieve task types by work list
  • create a task for a work list
  • transfer a task from one work list to another
  • cancel a task
  • complete a task

The API would assume prior knowledge of customer, patient and clinician identifiers.

Does it need to do anything else?


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