Patient List Reminders

Good afternoon all. I am having troubles in knowing what should be done with our Patient List Reminders.

If I print it out by Send all - does it assume that I have addressed each reminder listed and updates the reminder count?

How do you manage yours in general practice? and how often?


Thanks Anna


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Re: Patient List Reminders

It assumed to have been completed once you print the list 

We manage them weekly - to avoid it becoming over whelming - the list represents phone calls to clients as a final reminder.

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Re: Patient List Reminders

We do it once - twice a week. 

My opinion is that we should do it daily with a dedicated printer and subsequently handled by our reception team.  But our office staff prefer to retain control of this process.



Re: Patient List Reminders

thank you .... I think that I have got into strife by printing it out via print preview, then cancel the print.... and then to make things worse leave it on my desk and not do anything with the print out... and have got to an overwhelming list.

Shall mend my ways...:)

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