OpenVPMS version 1.3 Release

The OpenVPMS development team are pleased to announce that beta testing has been completed and the much anticipated version 1.3 release of the the OpenVPMS web application is now available for download.

This release contains many new features, the big one being the new enhanced graphical scheduler which was created according to the requirements of the OpenVPMS community with contributions by the enhanced scheduling group.

new graphical schedular

OpenVPMS is dependant on community contributions and community funds to pay for the development of these new features. You can support the community by getting involved in the discussion of the software in the forums and mailing lists and contributing your suggestions, feedback, and reporting any problems you are having with the software. OpenVPMS is not for profit. All raised funds are used for paying for development of the software and repayment of seed funding. If you would like to make a donation toward OpenVPMS you can donate via paypal. The software license requires that any practice using the software must purchase a subscription to use the software.

We are very pleased to provide this release. It marks a milestone in the development of OpenVPMS and we look forward to further contributions by the community.

New features: 
  • [OVPMS-783] - Store cost of sale information in customer invoices, credits and counter sales
  • [OVPMS-787] - Facility for individual sites to define additional species specific patient fields
  • [OVPMS-794] - Facility for template Letters to prompt user for specified field content during document merging
  • [OVPMS-853] - Initial support for Maven 2 (pom.xml)
  • [OVPMS-501] - Automatic Postcode lookup
  • [OVPMS-774] - Allow appointments to be back dated
  • [OVPMS-777] - Enhanced fixed price selection during charging
  • [OVPMS-778] - Discount calculations to utilse maximum discount values in unit and fixed prices
  • [OVPMS-779] - Implement Customer and Patient Discount groups
  • [OVPMS-784] - Changing schedulers should not update currenly displayed schedule date
  • [OVPMS-786] - Add Task Start Time to Work List table displays
  • [OVPMS-788] - During charges entry remember last used charging date
  • [OVPMS-791] - Add Patient Desexed status to Patient summary panel
  • [OVPMS-792] - Ability to display multiple schedules at once including free slots and colour highlight support
  • [OVPMS-793] - Ability to display multiple Worklists and provide colour highlight support
  • [OVPMS-796] - Allow locations to nominate a default printer
  • [OVPMS-798] - Display current invoice and total account balances in payment dialogues.
  • [OVPMS-807] - On login and changing locations only set current context till if a default till is set for location
  • [OVPMS-808] - Cash Payments shoudl default tendered amount to Rounded amount
  • [OVPMS-816] - Add Deceased Date to patient data
  • [OVPMS-826] - Need a mechcnism to control order of archetype selection lists in Collection Editors
  • [OVPMS-827] - Improve logging output
  • [OVPMS-838] - Display sex in patient summary box
  • [OVPMS-848] - Fix date and filter selection displays at top of scheduling and worklist workspaces
  • [OVPMS-850] - Allow Users to customise appointment and task displays in schedule and worklist views
  • [OVPMS-860] - Display document name in checkout batch print dialogue
  • [OVPMS-866] - French translation update
  • [OVPMS-727] - Remove mysql jar from .war and release distribution
Bug fixes: 
  • [OVPMS-726] - Cant add Form to Patient->Visit
  • [OVPMS-737] - Drug labels show incorrect owner when multiple owner relationships exist for a patient
  • [OVPMS-780] - Patient Documents filter should default to All Documents
  • [OVPMS-782] - Age display sometimes incorrect in patient information
  • [OVPMS-797] - Able to Add appointments where customer and patient are not linked
  • [OVPMS-803] - Medications linked to visits during charging do not set the clinician
  • [OVPMS-804] - Error while saving new delivery
  • [OVPMS-805] - Charging using product templates sets incorrect fixed price
  • [OVPMS-806] - Cancelling Medication dialogue during charging deletes dispensing record in Medcial Records
  • [OVPMS-810] - Multi and Single view schedules display incorrect starttime values when schedules have slotsize other than 15 minutes
  • [OVPMS-811] - Check out workflow updates appointment end times
  • [OVPMS-812] - Automatic product price updates should only occur when auto update supplier List Price changes
  • [OVPMS-813] - Unit cost calculations can cause decimal calculation errors for certain price and pack size combinations
  • [OVPMS-815] - Worklist transfer function doesn't remove task from original worklist
  • [OVPMS-817] - Medication Dialogue quantity not populating invoice item qty
  • [OVPMS-819] - Editing patient relationships generates "deleted object would be re-saved by cascade" error
  • [OVPMS-820] - Customer context not set correctly while editing appointments and tasks
  • [OVPMS-821] - New Lookups not appearing when they associated with a lookup relationship
  • [OVPMS-828] - Foreign Constraint errors when editing any classifications
  • [OVPMS-829] - Deleting templates causes foreign key constraint error
  • [OVPMS-831] - Reminders being listed for customers with no preferred location
  • [OVPMS-832] - Workflow workspaces do not refresh customer and patient summary panel after workflow function.
  • [OVPMS-834] - Deselecting a product in Charges editor generated application error
  • [OVPMS-835] - Error deleting Medical record entries from visits
  • [OVPMS-836] - Appointment status not updating when do specific workflow functions in tasks
  • [OVPMS-837] - Reminder reprint button generates application error
  • [OVPMS-839] - Finalising Credit Notes prompts for payment
  • [OVPMS-840] - Cannot save invoice after changing medication to merchandise product
  • [OVPMS-841] - Deleting an item in an invoice prevents completing invoice
  • [OVPMS-843] - Scheduling displays incorrect ending time slot when slot size set to certain small values
  • [OVPMS-844] - Deleting multiple invoice items during invoice editing causes exception
  • [OVPMS-845] - Till balance total does not sum to total of linked till items.
  • [OVPMS-846] - Default status for messages is completed rather then pending
  • [OVPMS-847] - NullPointerException changing from single schedule to All schedules
  • [OVPMS-851] - Adding new product generates internal application error
  • [OVPMS-852] - Maven project.xml has error in line 466. Properties attribute is written twice in the xml nest
  • [OVPMS-855] - Payment validation errors generate incorrect balances
  • [OVPMS-856] - "Failed to Vaildate Patient of Patient" error when adding Credit in Customer Charges
  • [OVPMS-857] - Discount calculations duplicating
  • [OVPMS-859] - Product template expansion using first product in the template for each charge item
  • [OVPMS-861] - Checkout Batch print list includes unnecessary document types
  • [OVPMS-867] - Product identity searches not working