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The 1.5 upgrade introduced a change to the order of medical records in the summary display in that entries in a visit are now ordered in ascending rather than descending order.

Given there are different views on what order specific practices prefer it is suggested that a new option is added to the practice information to allow a default sort order of entries in visits to be specified (ascendin/descending).  

Also it is suggested that a button is added to the medical records summary workspace to allow this to be changed at will by the user.

It is suggested that thsi change, if funded, should go into the current 1.5 release.


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Re: Medical Records display order (Error in funding quote)

Hi everyone,

Please be advised that this project, previously reported as costing $550 will cost $685. Consequently the % pledged has been reduced from 20% to 14.6%.


Matt C

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