New Printer Not found - headache :(

Hi All,

Is anyone having the issue of new printer not found in openvpms? 


Below is the steps I tried but still no luck.

1) Add a new printer, restart the PC multiple times.       >> Not working

2) I. Change "tomcat 9" service user to "admin"(local admin User).

    II. Checked the printer is added under the profile.

    III. Tried to restart multiple times.             >> Not Working

3)  I. Create another local user "openvpms"; Grant as "Administrators"

    II. Login to "openvpms" profile;

    III. Add the printer;

    IV. Change Tomcat/MySQL Service ID to "openvpms";

    V. Restart multiple times;

    ** Still not working

Does anyone experience the same problem? 


Openvpms : 2.2.2

OS : Window 10

Webserver : Tomcat 9



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