Steering Committee

This is the top page of the Steering Committee area. Here members of the Steering Committee can provide input into the development of OpenVPMS.  The area is visible to all but only Steering Committee members can post, comment and vote.

Work on OpenVPMS can be divided into two sets:

Projects - these are features that users have requested and are tracked via the Projects list. In the past, projects have only been implemented if they were fully funded.  It is planned that with the advent of the development levy component of the subscription, that it should be possible to implement some projects that are not fully funded.

Development tasks - these are tracked by the JIRA system and consist of bugs, improvement suggestions, and work on the underlying framework. Because some of the items are technical in nature and not readily understood by those without the required background, we have divided the possible tasks into two groups, 'technical' and 'usability'.  Those in the 'usability' set should be readily understood by all.

The Steering Committee's role is to prioritise implementation of these projects and development tasks. This is done by ranking a number of projects and tasks using the following links. Even if you either cannot vote, or feel incompetent to do so, you can still look at the lists and votes. The polls are open from 20Jan2016 to 1Mar2016.

[Note that these projects and tasks have been selected as possibilities from the full set of projects and tasks that we have outstanding.]

The Steering Committee Forum is available for all to read, but only Steering Committee members can post/comment in this forum.