PetSure eClaims

PetSure is the insurance company and name behind Australia's leading pet insurance brands, administering 90% of the policies in market and assessing over 75,000 claims per month.

PetSure contributed 100% of the funding for development of the OpenVPMS 2.0 insurance module within OpenVPMS.  It is also the first company to offer electronic claims services (eClaims) for OpenVPMS users.

Electronic claims will save you time and effort when helping your customers submit pet insurance claims. You'll no longer need to fill in claim forms or print out customer histories and invoices - the entire process will be automated.

Benefits include:

  • No transaction costs
  • Immediate claim submission
  • One system for multiple insurers
  • Reduced practice admin with no printed forms, invoices or consultation notes
  • Client claims resolved and paid faster (same day or next day)
  • Reduced need for re-work with fewer repeat customer visits for supporting information
  • No further reliance on clinic staff to explain the status or outcome of a claim

To get the benefits of eClaims, simply call their Vet Support Services on 02 9842 4822 or email

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