Add emails to patient history

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Development Project Status: Duplicate

Due date for completion of this stage: 

This project will add support to automatically copy the content of emails for a patient to the patient's history.

Emails for a patient are those initiated by:

  • selecting the customer's or referral vet's or vet practice's email addresses when mailing patient documents
  • selecting the customer email address in the customer summary or information whilst a patient is selected

When the email is successfully sent, a new Email record will be added to the patient history containing:

  • the address of the person that the email was sent
  • the date it was sent
  • the text of the email
  • the user that sent the email


  • do attachments need to be stored as well?
  • should it be possible to filter Email records when sending and printing patient histories?
  • emails may be larger than the 5000 character database limit, so they would need to be stored as documents, unless is implemented
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