Adding notes to payments, credits, counter sales and refunds

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This project seeks to make account tracking that little bit easier for clerical staff.

It arose from the observation that sometimes, particularly with Reversals that staff may enter a rather prolonged pathway to get the balance correct and that explaining this later can be very difficult. The aim was to document the process of;

- Payments, credits, counter sales and refunds

in a flexible way.





The solution suggested by the users was the addition of a Notes field, the same as the field on Customer Invoices, to each of the above transaction types.

a) Add Notes field for payments, credits, counter sales and refunds
b) When the Reverse button was used to create one of the above types add "Created by Reversal" as a default text within the Notes field.
c) Add option to have a note as a mandatory field for some of the transaction types (specifically credits and refunds). This should be optional at a Clinic/location level.

Note that these fields are not intended for representation on the printed template but rather as an internal mechanism to annotate and log the reasoning behind the corrective transactions.

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