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This project will add support to create an Estimate when creating an appointment to:

  • help establish charges for a customer prior to them checking-in
  • provide an estimate for a type of appointment
    Appointment Types will be extended so that products may be linked to them. These will be added to the Appointment estimate when the Appointment Type is selected. E.g. a Appointment Type for desexing might link to a Desexing template.

User Interface

The Estimate will be displayed on a new Estimate tab, beneath the appointment details. The existing customer and patient alerts will be displayed on an Alerts tab, if any are present.

The Estimate will only be populated with products linked to the Appointment Type when both a Customer and Patient is selected. If a product requires a patient weight and none is recorded for the patient, this will be prompted for.

If any of the Customer, Patient, or Appointment Type changes, then the Estimate will be cleared.

If the Estimate is given an Expiry Date, this must be greater than the appointment Start Time.

If an Estimate has been Invoiced, Cancelled, or Finalised, it will be displayed read-only.


There will be no workflow changes as a result of introducing estimates to appointments. It is is envisaged that users will invoice the estimate while performing a Check-In or Consult.


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