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You can donate money to this project by entering the amount above and clicking the 'Add to cart' button. In the Checkout process you can either choose to pay now (via Bank Transfer, Cheque or Pay Pal) or you can pledge the amount by choosing the 'Pledge a payment for a Development Project' method. If you make a pledge, then when we have 100% funding commitments, you will be notified by email and you can then action your payment. Note that development will not commence until all funds are received.

Project description: 

This project will integrate functionality provided by a number of reports* into OpenVPMS:

  • search by invoice number
  • search by amount

These will be provided in a new Search workspace.

Search Criteria

Charges may be searched by:

  • Identifier (i.e. invoice number, credit number etc)
  • Type (Invoice, Counter Sale, Credit)
  • Customer Name
  • Status
  • date range
  • total amount
    For performance reasons, a 6-month date range will be required when searching on amounts
  • Practice Location


A Report button will be provided to print a summary of matches.
This will be similar to the existing Work In Progress report.

User Interface

The Search workspace will be provided as a tab under Reporting - Charges.


The existing Work In Progress workspace will be also be moved to a tab under Reporting - Charges







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