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We are a referral practice and as such frequently use the "patient letter" functionality of openvpms to report to our referring vets.

We use open office as our word processor. Currently the letter is generated by merging the patient data into the writer document and then text from the patient note is cut then pasted into the body of the letter and the letter sent by fax (hylafax server). The document is then discarded as it is too cumbersome to save, then re-attach to the patient file. We can retrieve the documents by search our email confirmations of the hylafax however this is also cumbersome.

Is it possible to automate the file saving process such that the letter will save to the patient's documents section of their medical records as the version that has received the merged data and the text from the patient note?



The current suggested solution is to try and see if there is technology such that documents can be downloaded and edited in openoffice, then have their changes saved straight back to the OpenVPMS database.

The suggestion was being reviewed by the developers...


16th August 2010 Stage 1

Hi everyone,

The developers have been looking at different options for this project and in the end they are keen to assess a tool that may form part of the solution.


So this tool is here It is called Milton and if you are technically minded you can read to your hearts content!

For the rest of us we need to decide if we want this feature enough to ask Tim to evaluate it for our purposes. This process is time consuming and will cost $1980 and may not result in a solution for our use. This is R&D.


Pledges for this evaluation can be made be emailing op_funding[at][dot]au

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