Investigation Management - Request form generation and linking to Billing

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Development Project Status: Completed

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Related JIRA:  JIRA 884
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This Investigations Management project relates directly to the Investigation Module working group (

The aims of the Investigation Module working group is:
" provide clinical staff with sufficient functionality to streamline management of investigation orders and results, provide suitable viewers to view these results as part of the patients clinical record and provide extensible interfaces to facilitate a broad range of internal and external communication protocols and applications."


The steps are as follows:

1. User bills product linked to Investigation type.

2. Form created, printed and sent with unique document_act or ibvestigation_act id as lab request number.

3. Lab result returned via electronic means

4. Scheduled import into Investigations and updating of the investigation status.


This particular development will establish the necessary automatic generation of Laboratory request forms during billing (Steps 1 & 2).

Products will be linked to an Investigation Type which in turn will have an associated Lab Request form template. When a linked product is billed, there will be an option to print the appropriate form and an Investigation event will appear in the Medical Record of the patient.


This project is fully funded!

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