Printing multiple copies of a document

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By adding a Print Quanitity option to the interactive print dialog, it avoids the need to press print multiple times when needing to print multiple copies of a document. This project seeks to have this added to the current print dialog.




This project has been costed and is awaiting pledges for funding. Development will not commence until funding is 100% pledged.

 This project has stalled due to not meeting its 100% pledge amount.

 This project has been un-stalled due to interest expressed at Users meeting. Links to new revisions are included below.


Option to be able to set "Default Number of Copies" in Template description:

(Yet to be costed - Pending discussion in forum here)

Some documents have a fixed number of copies printed routinely. For example, 4 x admission labels. The idea would be that the default number in the above selector could be set within the Template/document description.


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