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This project will:

1. Make the Problems tab in Patients|Medical Records have a similar look and feel to the Summary tab

  • Problems will be displayed in bold, with the form:

Date - Problem - Clinician - (Unresolved) or (Resolved dd/mm/yyyy)

  • The 'current' Problem is displayed with a small arrow icon, the same as the current Visit is displayed in the Summary tab.
  • Notes and Medications will be nested under problems, and display the same as they do in the Summary tab.
  • editing a Problem only edits the act.patientClinicalProblem act. It doesn't touch the child act.patientClinicalNote or act.patientMedication acts. This is to reduce the likelihood that two users will edit the same Problem at once
  • Problems, Notes and Medications are edited by double clicking, or pressing Edit
  • Problems may only be deleted if they have no child acts
  • Sort order will by problem status then descending date, so that Unresolved problems appear first

2. Add a Problems tab to the Visit Editor, next to the Summary tab



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