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Project description: 

This project willl add support to test Product Templates when editing them.

Testing will be done via a new Test tab. This will display:

  • a choice to test Invoice or Estimate. Invoice will be selected by default
  • the patient species
  • the patient weight
  • the practice location, to determine service ratios/pricing groups
  • the Invoice or Estimate totals
  • a table containing the results of expanding the template, or an error message, if the template fails to expand

The Test tab will automatically update with the expanded template, whenever it is selected, to support rapid testing.

Template Expansion

The results of the template expansion will be displayed in a table, with one row per line item.

For invoices, the table will have the following columns:

  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Fixed Price
  • Unit Price
  • Tax
  • Total

For Estimates, the table will have the following colunms:

  • Product
  • Low Qty
  • High Qty
  • Fixed price
  • Low Unit Price
  • High Unit Price
  • Low Total
  • High Total

Where a quantity has been calculated from a product dose, it will be highlighted in light blue.


This project will not:

  • display medication, reminder, investigations or documents that would be produced by the template expansion.
  • support discounts
  • support customer tax exclusions


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