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The ability to search appointments within the scheduler has been a popular request. The proposed solution would allow users to check if a customers patients have any future/past appointments. Furthermore the list will act as a set of links allowing the user to directly jump to the schedule day in question.


This development is fully funded

Please email me (mpcosta[at][dot]au) with the maximum contribution you are willing to make either a percentage or as a $ amount.


1. The Customer workspace

1.1 A new tab that contains a list of appointments for any patients with a patient-customer relationship.

- Current data required: Date, Time, Patient and Reason

1.2 Filtering

- This tab would contain a list that could be filtered by status (pending/in progress/complete). Default would be Pending (this would pick up future appts)

- Alternatively (or inclusively) we could filter by date. (Future/Past).

- Inclusive Filter by Active patient-customer relationship.

1.3 Jump to schedule linking

- Have the appointment listed in 1.1 linked so that the user can click on it, and it will jump to that schedule and that date.




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