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The work list single view screen displays a Time column that represents the elapsed time of a task.

If the task is In Progress, this is the difference between the current time and the start time.

If the task is Completed, this is the difference between the task's end time and its start time.

For performance analysis, a new task attribute "consultStartTime" is required to enable calculation of:

  • processing time - the time between the task going from In Progress to Completed status
  • waiting time - the time between the task going from Pending to In Progress

This attribute will be set to the current time when a task transitions to In Progress status.

The new consultStartTime attribute will be available to work list view expressions, and will be used to derive the "waiting" attribute, currently only available to appointments.

The waiting attribute will be calculated  as:

  • current time - start time if the task is PENDING
  • consultStartTime - start time if for any other status



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