Business Continuity Plan Outline


I helped my daughter setup a practice about a year ago and had to learn how to setup and use OpenVPMS.  The system runs on a small Windows XP network which uses one of the desktop machines as the server – they only have three machines because it is a very small practice. As a precaution  I also installed OpenVPMS on two other machines but did not set it to start-up just in case they ever had any problems with the server machine. 

True to form the server started to automatically reboot on a busy working day so I had to switch across to another machine to get them up and running.  The practice is in the country so they were lucky I happened to be there on the day the problem occurred – so  I put together a set of notes on how they would switch to another server themselves if it happened again.  I have called the document a Business Continuity Plan and attempted to write it as a set of instructions for an end user to bring a server online from scratch!

I thought others might find it usefull as a starting document if they currently do not have any sort of plan in place if their primary server were to begin to play up?

I have posted a PDF version as a general example and a Word version which you could edit to suit your individual setup.

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