Add description to Prescription detail

Hi everyone,

We love the Prescriptions tab.


Is it possible to add elements to the Prescription detail by configuration?

My reception staff are asking if we could see the Description node where the Medication node is displayed.




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Re: Add description to Prescription detail

You can, but you will need to change the act.patientPrescription archetype.
There is a Description field already, used for reporting purposes. This contains a summary of fields already displayed, and is hidden.

In the attached example, I've added a Notes field. This will be displayed on a single line, limited to 255 characters.

To use it:

  1. save attached the act.patientPrescription.adl
  2. log in as an administrator
  3. go to Administration - Archetypes and click Import
  4. in the Upload dialog, Browse for the file you saved in 1., and click Send

You can increase the maxLength up to 5000 characters, but then it won't be displayed in tables.


act.patientPrescription.adl 3.33 KB

Re: Add description to Prescription detail

That's amazing Tim


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