Appointments are getting cached in the Shedule View

Since we changed from 2.0-SNAP 5825(I think) to 2.0 release we are seeing a strange behaviour where an appointment in a schedule can be deleted but it wont dissappear from the schedule (however highlighting it will not give you the typical appointment context).  It appears that the appointment is cached.  IF you try and book another app in that slot you will get the conflict warning.  Now if I then restart Tomcat7 it resolves...


I checked the logs and we have no exception relating to schedules


I do have another exception Ill post but I think it probably just needs to be suppressed and associated with an error report.



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Re: Appointments are getting cached in the Shedule View

Probably 7825. 5825 is pre 2.0.

Was it a single appointment or repeating?

Is your JVM running close to memory capacity (check with jvisualvm)?

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