cloud version, AWS, VPN and how it all fits

I have recently had the cloud version of VPMS installed and it is great as long at something called the VPN is working. I have used Amazon web services.  I have no idea what the VPN is - is if part of Amazon? (AWS). I assume I will have to get an IT person to explain this but if there is someone to explain how all this fits together I will be grateful. 


The problem is that if the VPN drops out I cant use VPMS. Where is the VPN, who fixes it and how can I reconnect if it drops out?


Chris Godfrey

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Re: cloud version, AWS, VPN and how it all fits

Hi Chris,

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure way of connecting your laptop/Pc/clinic to connect to a server /software in the cloud or across the Internet.  Because it uses a your user/password and key it means only people who know these can access your OpenVPMS software and the information going back and forth between you and the OpenVPMS softwar eis encrypted and secure. 

The alternative is allowing direct access to OpenVPMS across the Internet and the real threat of someone "hacking" into it, especially if it is not secured.  Even if they do not gain access they can cuase serious issues using software that continually tries to login to the point that the software becomes unusable.  

VPN's are usually very stable and widely used for this purpose but they do depend on three things:

  • VPN Client Software on the computer which most operating systems provide.
  • A reliable Internet Connection. 
  • A VPN server at AWS.  Typically running on your OpenVPMS server but there are other options.

I suggest you or your I.T. company check each of these to ascertain where the problem lies.  



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