Communications and alerts

Can we have the date and time show in the 'date' column.  Currently only the time shows up.

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Re: Communications and alerts

Deb - can you be a bit more explicit.

Are you talking about the output of a report - if so, which one?

Or are you talking about a screen display - if so, which one?

Can you also confirm the OpenVPMS version - I assume 1.9


Regards, Tim G


Re: Communications and alerts

Hi Tim

I think you have just answered my query.  We were looking at a log on the day it was posted and it just showed the time.  I have just gone back to that note and it is now showing the date and time as it was from a previous day.  Sorry for wasting your time - but many thanks.


Re: Communications and alerts

In Communications & Alerts, the Date column should display:

  • the time of the log, if it was done today; or
  • both the date and time, if it was done on a different day

The linked screenshot shows the date/time with a AM/PM designator, which is a little inconsistent when compared to the rest of the app, where times are displayed in 24 hour format.

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