Incorrect prices in 1.9.2


After reporting the issue of incorrect prices appearing on invoices, it was my understanding that a code change had been incorporated into 1.9.2 (see OVPMS-1891).  We have been running 1.9.2 (7510) since its release but just this month have encountered two situations where invoices were generated with prices well out of the ballpark. Interviews with the clinician indicate that the procedure that was being used earlier is still being used i.e., using the binoculars to search for products on the New Invoice screen.  As far as we can tell, the error noted in 1.9.1 seems to remain in 1.9.2.

Before submitting documentation of the reproducible error, am I correct that the fix was incorporated in 1.9.2?  Or was the fix only incorporated in 1.9.3? Or are there still issues I should document?



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Re: Incorrect prices in 1.9.2

The fix for OVPMS-1891 was applied in 1.9.2. Can you verify that you have the fix by running through the steps listed in the JIRA?


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