Insurance Reporting Window

Can I suggest we update the insurance reporting windows defaults

1.  Descending date order - ie display the most recent first.

2. set the status filter to cover anything - not final (ie not settled/declined/cancelled)


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Re: Insurance Reporting Window

1. Agreed.

2. What do you think of the JIRA to have it default to incomplete claims?

Re: Insurance Reporting Window

Retrospective +1 to "Incomplete" status refinement.

It seems to already be the case in 2.2?

The date order also seemsto be descending.


Re: Insurance Reporting Window

Its an OpenVPMS 2.2.1 enhancement. I suspect your integrator has installed a pre-release copy.

You can check your current version in Help or on the login window. There will be a version number like:
     Version: 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT (20201124-105115.612db07)

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